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About Us


"CoreFit’s mission is guided by values of responsibility, integrity, decency and an
overwhelming sense of dedication to helping others achieve their own personal fitness goals".

At CoreFit we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence, fair treatment, ethical practice and safety to others. As a group of educated and skilled professional Coaches we have come together to create a powerful team. A team dedicated to educating and optimizing Corporate America’s physical wellness objectives through on-site personal programs.

Our team is comprised of experts with impressive knowledge and certifications from all aspects of the health and fitness industry. You will find as you read each biography on a few of our team members, that they have all received certifications from respected organizations which include the International Sports Sciences Association: I.D.E.A.; ACE, C.O.R.F.I.T.; Precision In Door Cycling; Qruzer Cycling, just to name a few. To ensure that we did have the best, we took their education one step further and put each of these highly skilled professionals through a practical application certification course. Our trainers are consistently educated in all facets of the fitness and nutrition industry. This will ensure that our clients are always on the cutting edge with regard to their fitness goals.

After a needs analysis, our programs are custom designed to support the corporation’s wellness objectives. These programs include Motivational seminars, (stress & lifestyle management, team building, etc). Empowerment classes are also available to those who have issues with life in general that cause them to use food as a substitute for the cure. Group workout sessions consists of circuit training, cardio programs, power walking, swiss and medicine ball, indoor cycling, weights, power bands, aerobic classes, mat palates, sports specific training, nutrition classes and much more. Weekly printouts of class participation as well as monthly spread sheets of all classes and attendance will be generated. This will help us to keep accurate account of what is working and what isn’t.

We look forward to assisting your organization in developing your Wellness Objectives while increasing work productivity.

Best to you in Health,
Deborah Sable, Owner